Price gouging

For years now I’ve been mulching my garden with fish compost.  If I remember correctly it started off costing $20 a yard.  As of this past Monday it has gone up to a whooping $60 bucks.  Last year I think it was $40 and I thought that was ridiculous.  The company says that the demand is so great that they can charge whatever they want and people will still buy it.  Not me!  I’m bouycotting.  I hate price gouging.  The cost of everything garden is skyrocketing.  I liked the old days better when people had to use their imaginations not their pocketbooks to make a great garden.   To make matters worse, it is impossible to find regular bark mulch now.  The place that I used to get it from is going out of business due to retirement.

I guess the majority of people just have the small token garden by the front door.  So a yard might do it.  Me on the other hand have a seriously huge garden that cost $500 bucks to mulch last year.  There is no way I can afford or want to spend more money on mulch than that.  I guess the days of pretty black mulch are over for me.  Thank god my gardens fill in tightly.  Okay.. I ranted now.  I feel much better.


~ by sandy on April 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Price gouging”

  1. Sandy, I love your site. I love to take pictures of gardens and flowers but mine are nothing like yours. They are gorgeous. I’ll definitely keep checking out your pictures.
    Karen (another Westcoaster)

  2. Thanks Karen:).

  3. Hi Sandy, fortunately we have a city composting center so we can pick up as much compost as we can haul for free. I only worry about the pesticides the compost may contain although I hope they get cooked out or at least leached out before I pick it up.

    I tried to find fish fertilizer as my mother-in-law used it liberally on her tulips which were alway big and gorgeous but I can’t find it anywhere. I guess the price of fish is skyrocketing as the result of overfishing. So scarcity makes the product dear and the unscrupulous can charge whatever they want.

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