The Aches and Pains

I’ve been gardening for along time now.  Every Spring brings on the usual sore back.  It goes away after awhile and you soldier on, weeding, pruning and lugging around shrubs and trees.  This year is different.  By God I am sore everywhere, everday.  My shoulders, wrists, back and knees.  I’m afraid it might be an age thing.   Bloody hell.  I’m to young to be old.  Since I do it for work it is extra troubling.  I don’t want a new job.  I like my job dammit.  I guess I’ll be sporting a bag of frozen peas for the shoulder. long soaks in the hot tub and a daily asprin.  Just typing that sentence makes be cringe. 


~ by sandy on May 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Aches and Pains”

  1. Have you tried taking glucosamine/condroitin daily? I was having trouble with an old lower back injury about 6 weeks ago and started taking it daily. I have almost no trouble now – and I have been doing 12 hour days computer work as well as full days on the weekend in my garden. I’ve been very impressed with the results considering that I had been considering asking my doctor for a refill of muscle relaxants.

    My neighbor takes Aleve every morning and swears by it. I am getting some of that too to try.

  2. We are all getting older. It is an inevitable truth! I am in the midst of my spring aches, too.

  3. I am much older than you, so I have been noticing it longer! With arthritis, getting up and down is hard, but Aleve seems to work well for the aches and pains so far. Heavy duty arthritis medication left me feeling crummy. Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day.

  4. I’m sorry to hear you’re aching and paining more than usual Sandy. Yes, it goes with gardening (and aging). But yes, you’re too young for so many aches and pains. I take just the glucosamine sulphate. Most of us don’t need the condroitin. My chiropractor confirmed this when I asked. My back has been much better since I started taking it. It takes a while to build up in your system.
    As usual your pictures are beautiful and truly inspiring.

  5. Unfortunately, I can relate; and I am hating it too! I have missed your photos but the good part is now I can take my time and look at the work from the last few months all at once and not have to wait. I’ll be leaving comments I am sure. Take care of yourself. BTW, the may sell covers for your pea bag..

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