Pasque flower

dsc_8949.jpg                                                                         Pasque flowers fascinate me.  They whole flowerering process is interesting.  Just when they start to wither and you think you should cut them back, they get the most gorgeous seed heads.  You can’t resist touching them because they are so furry and soft.


~ by sandy on May 15, 2007.

8 Responses to “Pasque flower”

  1. love them! I had some pop up in the yard, planted by a previous gardener/owner, and I had never seen them before. They are unique.

  2. Oh, what a precious little bloom we have here! The detail really is picked out in that sharp light . . neat little image.

  3. Beautiful color combination. Your pictures are clean and clear.

  4. Wow! Pasque flowers are my favorite spring flower. And I have never seen a more beautiful photo of one!

  5. The seed head is indeed as interesting as the flower although not as colorful. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a fine structured form after the petals fell. I hope you took a photo of the seed head.

  6. I agree! I have Pasque Flower for the first time this year and I love the seed heads, too, almost as much as the flowers themselves. This is a beautiful photo!

  7. A beautiful presentation of this gem!

  8. Hi Sandy,
    this picture is wonderfull!
    I ask for permission to show it on my site to illustrate the may free pattern for quilters. In my garden the Pasque Flower disappeared – so I am not able to take a picture.
    Kind Regards

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