columbine_2_1.jpg                                                                         Time and time again plants come full circle for me.  I think Columbine was one of the first perennials that I ever bought.  For some reason whether it be disease or boredom, following gardens never included them.  Until this year.  I even bought them when they weren’t blooming so I had no idea what color they were.  The tag was missing so it was a surprise to be waited on.  Pretty I think are these.


~ by sandy on May 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Columbine”

  1. That is a pretty one. The only columbine I have is a dark, almost grape colored purple. I have seen this on in catalogs, though.

  2. Interesting double! Funny, the way gardening is. I love them but only had them for a very short time in my garden. I think they died out while I put the garden on hold when my Gram needed so much care.

  3. Hello Sandy. Very interesting site…beautiful garden…nicely captured with your photography. I came across your site while perusing landscapes west coast. I own four properties in Victoria surrounding approx. 1 acre of oak grove and lawn. I would like to re landscape the fronts of the properties to more natural landscape to do away with summer watering but want to improve the aesthetics at the sametime. i noticed you are a landscaper by trade. I was wondering if you were interested in doing consulting? I don’t know what your work situation is . I have a construction background (retired) and have access to equipment and labor. However I am open to suggestion as no plans have been made…just beginning my research. Climbing aboard the “go green” wave and excited about it.Hoping for a reply. Thanks R.B.

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