lewisia_copy.jpg                                                                   I’ve finally got everything planted today.  Tomorrow I just have to finish some last touches with the mulch.

The rhodos are looking lovely this year.  The colors are staying nice in the cool weather.  My Loderi ‘King George’ is stunning.  The blooms are bigger than the average head and the scent is filling the garden.

~ by sandy on May 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “Lewisia”

  1. Great color! I don’t know much about lewisia, is it good in sun or shade, dry or wet soils, etc?

  2. Joyce if you go to http://www.perennials.com they have lots of info on them. This site is my ‘go to’ site for everything perennial:).
    Actually I will but a link on my site.

  3. That’s a glorious set of color shades in there! I am trying to imagine them en masse . . .

  4. Your photo of the Lewisia only makes me wish the one I mailordered would get here faster. What a great looking flower.

  5. I checked your information on Lewisia. What do you mean by “average border conditions?” Precisely what does that mean? You say you shouldn’t try to raise them under such conditions; can you tell me what that means?

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