Lower Garden

viburnam1.jpg                                        My lawn looks so crappy this year and there isn’t the time to try to fix it.  I really wanted to thatch and aerate but this Spring has been so  busy.  I lost my magnolia sieboldi and my fingers are crossed for the Franklinia.  He’s alive but with alot of dead wood.  My rhodo’King George’ was stunning once again.  This has to be one of my top ten fav plants in the garden. 

Last night I puttered around deadheading the rhodos that are finished and pulled the odd weed.  It alway surprises my how much I still enjoy gardening.  There is something so satisfying knowing that youv’e created such a peaceful place.


~ by sandy on May 30, 2007.

9 Responses to “Lower Garden”

  1. You have a spectacular garden! I love your meandering swath or grass setting off the borders. Wonderful long view. Sorry to hear you lost your M.Sieboldii. We just bought one, a small tree with many blossoms and it’s still blooming but I’m thinking of removing the remaining buds so the tree can save some energy for growth and to get established before the winter. It’s sort of iffy for our clime so I want to give it the best start it can. I hope you will be able to replace yours.

    There was a short program on PBS about the Franklinia. I believe some group in Philadelphia was propagating it. Apparently it is extinct in the place of origin by some river in Georgia. Being a zone 7 tree, I don’t think I would try it even if the flowers are quite attractive and the tree is quite handsome. Good luck with yours. I hope it revives.

    This was a tough year for the Rhododendrons and Azaleas.

  2. I see love and hard work in every curve here. You have been rewarded with a garden of great beauty.

  3. Hi Sandy,

    your garden is looking even more awesome than I remember.


  4. Spectacular.

  5. You call this crappy? It’s beautiful. I used to have a huge flower garden, but that’s another story. Water under the bridge.

  6. I don’t think it looks that terrible, Sandy… and you know, it just may get me over my intimidation. Since the lawn isn’t quite up to golf greens standards, maybe I CAN actually enter that garden after all instead of just looking at it and wondering whether I am worthy… 😉

  7. i’ve loved your photography since the beginning and your garden matches your talent with a camera. i think the grass looks pretty good, it’s in what looks to be a fairly shady area.


  8. Heavenly!
    So well manicured. The colors are fabulous.

  9. Your lawn is truly very beautiful.. I love it. I really appreciate your work.. Keep it up!

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