Purple Iris

small_purple_irisToday I started to deadhead the pink rhodo from hell.  This rhodo is huge and the worst of the lot to deadhead.  A job that will take a month of Sundays.  Oh to have a pool boy that gardened.


~ by sandy on June 12, 2007.

6 Responses to “Purple Iris”

  1. I have been enjoying your blog and beautiful photos! May I ask how to deadhead a rhododendron? Do you just pull the spent blossom off or do you pinch off the tiny stem that the blossom is on? I’m a gardening newbie and never deadheaded my 7-year-old rhodie until this year. I wasn’t sure how to do it so I just pulled off the blossoms. I’d like to make sure I get it right next year. Thanks!

  2. My iris are gone now. I may have a few that rebloom in the fall. This is a beauty!

  3. Mmmmm…yummy!

  4. I have never dead headed a rhododenron. Maybe that’s why they bloom well one year and not the next? We have too many to receive such a treatment anyway so we just leave them to fall away naturally.

  5. Great photos. They look so pretty!!

  6. I was wondering if this purple Iris has several flowers on its stem blooming from top to bottom – it reminds me of a gladiolas.
    Mine are beautiful and I enjoy them every year. I just have been looking to see what kind they are. They look like the purple Iris but I see no other flowers on the same stem. Could you help me. Thank you.

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