Evening Light

dsc_8333.jpg                                           A walk in my garden in the early evening is heavenly right now.  The smell of summer has arrived and it’s in the form of honeysuckle and sweetpeas.  Mother Nature has been cruel once again though this June day.  I swear she must hate peonies because every year when they are in full bloom it eithers hails or rains buckets like it did today.  No matter how well I stake them they still droop down with all the heavy rain on them.

My camera has been sent away.  I had six days left on the warranty so I figured I might as well.  I hope it’s not gone too long.  My holga,yashica mat, polaroids and the others shall keep me happy I’m sure.

~ by sandy on June 25, 2007.

7 Responses to “Evening Light”

  1. Beautiful backlighting on this photo, Sandy. Hope your camera isn’t in the hospital too long…

  2. Your photos are works of art.

  3. I hope your camera gets home soon. This gives you a chance though, to try some special things with your other cameras.
    By the way, this shot is lovely.

    Sandy in Maine

  4. love this pic! thanks for posting it!

  5. They’re beautiful. This is a variety I’ve only seen in magazines.

  6. Some beautiful colors here and I like the way they all merge and mingle with a sense of heady harmony.

  7. I don’t know how you do it, Sandy; but you AWLAYS manage to pull me in. Be it contrasts or colours or, in this case, beautiful soft back light, you always dredge up happy memories for me.
    *happy sigh*

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