White Lily

img213.jpg                                                                                               My nikon d70s has been away now for three weeks.  I have decided to use up my stash of film in the fridge before I buy more.  I don’t have any color 35mm film left, so it’s going to be b/w for awhile now.  Unfortunealtly I don’t have any filters for my macro or long lense.  Such is life and they are on my forever growing list of camera stuff I want.  I’m really into my old polaroids at the moment.  If anyone has an old one hanging around in a closet…call me.  I’ll take it off your hands:).

~ by sandy on July 14, 2007.

6 Responses to “White Lily”

  1. Oh my, what beauty a white flower possesses and those droplets complete it. (formerly pixelshells.com)

  2. B&Ws are wonderful. I just donated my cheap polaroid to the Goodwill several months ago. I didn’t even put it up for sale on Ebay because I thought it had no value.

    I miss seeing photos taken with your Holga and Yashica Mat. Maybe we could see some photos taken with those cameras while you are waiting the retun of your Nikon D70?

  3. I have an old Spirit 600 CL…I haven’t used it in years…if it is of any interest to you let me know. Your photos are beautiful!

  4. I’m certainly not going to be one to whine about you using up your b&w film! They are my favorite shots. This has a classic look to it, well done!

  5. Your photographs just blow me away and make me want to learn more about photography so I can take shots like that!

  6. Lilies are my favourite, right after tulips… there’s something serene about lilies that always breaks my heart. Fantasttic how you captured THAT and still put emphasis on it by executing the shot so nicely. *happy sigh*

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