Geranium in B/W


This was taken with one of my old film slrs.  I enjoy taking shots of flowers with b/w film.  I know alot of people prefer color with flowers but I feel some lend themselves well to b/w.

~ by sandy on August 18, 2007.

9 Responses to “Geranium in B/W”

  1. From my view point, this photo is prize-winning. What type of flower is that. Although it doesn’t really matter, it’s perfect.

  2. Great photo. on our digi. we can change it to Black and White.

  3. great pic. you can see details in b and w better, I think. I love your pics, they always refresh me !

  4. I have always thought your eye for B&W was amazing! This is why…

  5. It’s very pretty. Interesting concept to photograph from the back.

  6. The black and white does seem to capture the detail well, especially from behind in this one. Excellent! You just can’t beat cranesbills for length of bloom time, can you? I’ve noticed them flowering since late March, and they’re still going strong. Not too many plants do that.

  7. A great approach and a nice change of pace.

  8. Geraniums have to one of, if not my favourite border perennials. I have many in my own garden that I have photographed but have not thought of trying black and white Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Black & white often gets it better when it’s about light and shade. It certainly does in this picture. I love how tiny flowers become a whole world when you look at them up close.

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