dsc_0254.jpg                                                                                             This was a cat I came across in a local garden.  My cat passed away two years ago this month.  The garden just isn’t the same without him. 

~ by sandy on August 30, 2007.

7 Responses to “Meow”

  1. By the expression, this is not just any old garden . . this is the cat’s garden!

  2. Now that looks like a cat with attitude..he’s beautiful, and letting you know he’s the boss!! Sorry to hear about the loss of your cat.

  3. Sorry about your cat. I know how it’s been when I’ve lost one. I keep thinking I see them or hear them so I always get another one. Meghan is 14 and never goes outside and doesn’t want to. This cat you’ve photographed is a Tortoise Shell Cat, also called a Torti and they’re known for have great personalities. I used to have one.

  4. Such a face 🙂 Great picture Sandy! She’s a pretty one..but doesn’t look too happy about being photographed. I know it’s just her markings, but she does appear to have a scowl on her face 🙂
    I could probably ship you a kitty. LOL

  5. What a beautiful cat, I have always wanted a “Halloween” calico cat. Beautiful photo.

  6. Oi? What’s up with him? Somehow I think he wasn’t too pleased with having his picture taken. Funny how cats and humans are alike, huh?

  7. I used to think cats like this one were ugly and now I think they’re really really neat looking! I would have wanted to take him home with me! This is a great picture, as are all of your photos!

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