Old Wheel

old_wheel.jpg                                                                                                    It’s crazy how lush my garden looks for this time of year.  The positive side to a wet summer.

~ by sandy on September 6, 2007.

8 Responses to “Old Wheel”

  1. I love those old timey mowers…to look at, not to use 🙂 Makes for a beautiful photo.

  2. A lovely photo…the fern in the back adds a soft touch!

  3. This is a great shot, Sandy. The stone background, the rusted mower, all of it, so interesting.

    Sandy from gardenpath

  4. I know you want me to enthuse on the leaves but it is that lovely old cylinder mower that reaches out to me. Ah, the sound, the clogging in sweet wet grass, the cleaning and greasing inside those wheels, the sharpening . . happy days!

  5. This is a wonderfully composed photo. I love it!

  6. I love the composition on this one. Love the look of the Lamium creeping in to take over too! Perfect shot!

  7. What wonderful saturated colors. Never thought I’d say it but love all that orange rust.

  8. Wonderfully harmonious together.

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