Kirby the Cat


This is a little cat that visits my garden.  I found out that his name is Kirby and he lives down the road.  He follows me around when I am puttering in the garden.  It’s nice to have a cat around again.  You will have to click on the picture for the full shot.  This blog sucks at horizontal  images.

~ by sandy on September 11, 2007.

10 Responses to “Kirby the Cat”

  1. Cats are wonderful company in the garden. My cat always finds a spot near me when I’m out gardening. She ends up napping instead of actually helping but that is okay.

    Your garden is so immaculate! I wish mine looked that neat. How many hours do you spend in it?

  2. This is a splendid view of what I suspect is a small portion of your garden. The cat is beautiful and I love having them around. They’ll certainly alert you if anything is in your garden that shouldn’t be.

  3. Wow – if I were a cat, I’d be a regular visitor to such a lovely garden! Love all the different textures you have there.

  4. I’m not surprised Kirby likes to come for visits. Your garden looks beautiful – I very much like the curve and shape of your path. Kirby is adorable!! I bet he loves the tall grass.

  5. Your garden is amazing Sandy. How lovely to have a kitty to keep you company. I like his name. Our cats like to keep me company in the garden too….I usually have a couple following me around 🙂 This is a beautiful photo.

  6. I envy kirby,~ he can visit your beautiful garden anytime he wants…:) Your garden looks immaculate…. so beautiful~ Kirby must feel like he is in paradise… I am in awe of that huge grass to the right side of the pic…beautiful!!

  7. Kirby is very cute 🙂 I love having cats around also, they are great companions. Your garden is absolutely beautiful! Everything looks so lush and well-maintained, it’s just gorgeous.

  8. Kirby looks like a brother to our Jack!

    Your garden is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. A garden without a cat?
    Since june this year a cat named Oskar visied our garden every day. Now he’s missed. We are really said, because he was a part of our garden since 7 years.
    But now our cats Maus & Allegra have a little bit less trouble in her garden.

  10. You have a wonderful garden. I´m impressed of your grass. I live in sweden, so today everything is frozen. The cat is nice company of cource.

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