Autumn Leaves

                                                                                             The end of summer is  a little sad for me this year.  Autumn used to be my favorite season until  we had such horrible, long winter last year.    I sure hope this winter is a little kinder.


~ by sandy on September 24, 2007.

9 Responses to “Autumn Leaves”

  1. Summer flew by for me, and I love the fall, but it is never long enough. It is a melancholy time of year. LOve the photo!

  2. Lovely contrasting hues. Thank you for sharing it. I wish for you a short, safe winter full of photographic inspirations.

  3. Our Japanese maples have yet to even show any signs of turning. Lovely photo. The wet leaves and water droplets sure do intensify the colors. Is that a Acer shirasawanum ‘Aureum’? A very lovely tree.

  4. Well this is gorgeous while it lasts.

  5. Stunning photo!

  6. Just lovely. I really like that drop of water.

  7. Heh; I knew that, if I wanted to celebrate the arrival of autumn, I had to come here and have a look. And you didn’t disappoint. =) I especially love how the eye is led through the photograph. And look at those lovely colours! Somehow, my autumn shots turn out to be less beautiful…

  8. Beautiful photos, with the colors, and water droplets…glad your vacation was enjoyable…I’m always a little down in Autumn , it’s a beautiful season, but I know what is around the corner!

  9. Stunning colors and shapes Sandy. You are such a wiz with your camera. Our Fall has been outstanding so far…very warm and sunny…perfect for getting lots of work done in the gardens. I hope your winter is so much better than last year’s nasty weather.

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