Pool Ball

img_357.jpg I  love this polaroid shot.  Has nothing to do with gardening but does make me want to go on another holiday…soon.

The weather has been actually pretty nice this week.  I managed to spend Thanksgiving Monday puttering around in my garden.  I’m doing a major reno in one of my gardens next Spring and asked my hubbie…nicely if he could dig up the weeping katsua that has been driving me crazy for three years now.  I was surprised he could do it.  It was fairly large.  Husbands can be so darn handy!

~ by sandy on October 12, 2007.

5 Responses to “Pool Ball”

  1. Polaroids seem to snap up more than just an image, don’t they? I think it is because the taking moment lasts and lingers way beyond the click and you come away with something physical.

  2. I love this too! Those wonderful polaroid hues!

  3. Nice shot of the pool ball resting on the water and all the wonderful reflection’s!~~Make’s me want to go back to the beach!
    very nice polaroid!

  4. Au contraire, Sandy. This has everything to do with gardening. I can just picture lazing on a sun lounge floating as that ball is, blissfully enjoying the surroundings of a wonderful garden.

    Obviously this is just a macro shot.

  5. What a great shot, especially as it still looks like summer in October. We had such a beautfiul warm fall for the most part. But we have snow on the ground this morning. I’m never ready for the cold!
    Yes, hubbys can be very handy 🙂

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