Sit a Bit

dsc_9394.jpg                                                                                                      The leaves fell early this year.  I’m guessing about a month early.  It’s been nice raking leaves while the weather is still mild enough to wear a sweatshirt and no coat.  I am waiting on only two trees at work and then I am finished with the leaves.  At home, just  a few Japanese maples are stubbornly holding on to the last of their flaming red leaves.  On Sunday, the lawn was mowed for the last time,  perennials were cut back and the compost turned.  I might even have time to plant a few bulbs for a change.  What a pleasant thought….


~ by sandy on November 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Sit a Bit”

  1. Very nice shot of your garden bench, I like the way you shot is very nice! You are lucky …our leaves seem to be hanging on…we havent really had a frost yet..I don’t think I’ll ever get done raking…we are surrounded by national forest..tree’s tree’s and more tree’s..I go crazy every spring and fall raking! A couple post ago, I posted about my raking dilema..:o And how I saw on the internet that one Oak tree can have more than 200,000 leave’s..making me wonder just how many leaves am I raking..:)
    Nice post!

  2. I hope you get all you need to get done. The weather has been nice down here and just today a cold front came in. I love this picture it’s so simple but yet so beautiful. The bench is a wonderful color and very relaxing.

  3. Beautiful seat!. You have a lovely blog too :O)

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