acer palmatum’Heptalobum Osakazuki’

red_leaves_on_wall.jpgThis is one of my favorite trees.  It really is  great in three seasons.  The spring leaves are nice and fresh.  The fall colors are a fiery red and the branching structure is beautiful.  It is also one of the last to drop it’s leaves in my garden.

~ by sandy on November 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “acer palmatum’Heptalobum Osakazuki’”

  1. These maples are so intense at autumn times as to be almost unbelievable . . but you are right that some have much to offer in every season.

  2. I love this plant, it seems to come alive whne all others are fading. Nice photo!


  3. Great leaves on the tree. I bought an Osakazuki because the description noted that it was one of the trees with the most brilliant red leaves. Unfortunately mine is still too small to exhibit that characteristic but I’m hoping one day it will surprise me.

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