Darmera in Frost

darmera_in_frost.jpg                                                                                                      I’ve thought of cutting this plant back weeks ago.  It has been so interesting to watch though and looks lovely in the frost.  It also had very pretty fall color.


~ by sandy on November 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “Darmera in Frost”

  1. Beautiful. I love frost photos. I have never seen a darmera so can only image how large these leaves are in person.

  2. Fabulous photo Sandy with wonderful detail. I love the look of frost…but not the temperature that creates it. I’ll have to look up Darmera. This is a new plant to me…unless I know it by a common name.

  3. This makes for a truly beautiful image . . I’m glad you left it for the frost.

  4. Wow, gorgeous.

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