I have been tagged by Laura of www.greenfishwatercolors.blogspot.com .  Basically it should tell five things, some random, some odd things about myself.

1.I have several  quirks.  My close friends might laugh at that statement.  For one, I have a bit of a germ issue.  I don’t touch stair railings, door handles etc.

2. Like Laura, I love heavy metal music.  I’ve seen tons of concerts when I was younger including the Scorpians, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Stevie Ray Vaughn.  The list goes on and on.

3. I love poloroid pictures and would love to be able to afford a fridge full of polaroid film.  I can’t seem to get enough of them and am forever online looking at other photographers polaroid images.

4.I am somewhat of a recluse at times and have to force myself to be social.  Once out I always enjoy myself and wonder why I don’t go out more often.  Since my son now plays hockey I am never home and always at the ice arena.  It has been good for me to get out and meet new people.

5.  I’ve loved horses since I was two and really miss riding.  I sold my last horse when I was pregnant with my son and haven’t  ridden since.  I rode dressage for years and if I had more time I would love to get back into it.

I am supposted to tag five people and will when I have more time to think about who I would like to tag.


~ by sandy on December 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “Tagged”

  1. I enjoyed reading your tagged! I don’t like touching door knobs either..:) I am a bit of a recluse as well. and finally someone else that likes heavy metal music..:) I have been to lots of concerts too…love the Scorpion’s, and Iron Maiden, & Stevie Ray Vaughn, & metallica, and forighner, & the list goes on…:)
    Hope you are having a nice week!

  2. I love this photo–the spot of red amidst the snow. You take great photos!

  3. This is an absolutely wonderful photo!
    Enjoyed your meme 🙂

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