Slow going….literally

                                                                                                                     I’m moving slowly these past few days.  The 10 yard pile of fish compost at work has gotten the best of my back.  It hurts to even sit at the computer.  Today I think I’ll just manage to catch up on some weeding.

I have been out in my own garden in between rain showers this week.  I am surprised at how much behind everything is this year.  My daffs are just starting to bloom now.  I’m not complaining though because I still have alot of plants I want to move around before I mulch next week.  Fish compost is 65 bucks a yard this year!  Crazy!  I will be using it sparingly.  My garden gets so full that I really don’t need to mulch every year, I just like how it looks before everything  fills in.  At the price I can learn to love it the way that it is now!

I bought two new hydrangeas the other day.  Sister Teresa and a pretty japanese variety called Shirofuji.  I have absolutely no room for them and am going to have to move a bunch of more plants to accomadate them.   Isn’t gardening great!

~ by sandy on April 9, 2008.

7 Responses to “Slow going….literally”

  1. I love your plant ethics ! I have fast disappearing room and yet I am shoe horning more in this year too. We might as well face the fact we can’t help ourselves .. it is the gardener in us that we have to feed with plants ! Wow .. that is expensive for mulch. It is an idulgence we have to settle ourselves with every so often though.
    I know what you mean about your back .. I am groaning and moaning with mine too .. LOL

  2. Gardening IS great! But it does get to your back. All the gardeners that I know are in the same general state of a aches and pains. Love this shot, I miss seeing your work. Fish compost is new to me; take a picture once it is down, I’d like to see what it looks like, sounds like wonderful, heady stuff! Hydrangeas, don’t ya just love ’em!

  3. Can you explain what Fish compost is? There might be a really obvious answer, but it’s not a term I’ve heard much here in London!

  4. Sandy, you take care of that back now! You only have one, I’ve been bed bound for days before. I know how it is, you have my sympathy. Hope it feels better soon.

  5. I agree~Gardening is great! And my philosophy has always been that there is always room for one more plant..:) or in this case two~especially if they are Hydrangea’s! 🙂 Fish compost is new to me..sounds like good stuff..I too like mulching til things fill in, but it does get expensive! I hope your back is feeling better soon! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Ah yes, I’ve been feeling those achey muscles that are a sure sign of spring. I suppose one good thing about the snow shovelin in winter is that it keeps me from being completely out of shape when gardening season rolls around 🙂

    I bought several bags of manure the other day and it’s not cheap! I wish I could find a rancher around here with a good size pile of well-rotted manure. I’d even dig it up and haul it out myself 🙂 My soil is in desperate need of compost/organic material.

  7. what kind of fish compost

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