Clematis and Rock

                                               I was actually surprised that this clematis made it through the winter.  It’s roots are planted in a low part of the garden in a bit of a frost pocket and the plant doesn’t get any sun in the winter.  I was very happy to see it made it


~ by sandy on June 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “Clematis and Rock”

  1. Funny how some plants we think are not going to make it .. do !
    I like this picture a lot : )

  2. Such a gorgeous photo. I love the weathered fence in the background too.

  3. That is a pretty Clematis

    This is my first year of growing the plant
    The house I recently moved into has a high back yard fence. Behind the fence is a wooded area.

    I moved an existing Clematis, last fall, onto the fenced area. This spring , voila, it is terrific. It was an older plant, I expect several years old.

    There was a second CLematis, that I did not move in the fall but rather this spring. I think the fall move was better.
    I now have purchased a further nine plants, young ones, and they seem to be thriving, backed by that fence.

  4. Try growing Clematis with 2 colours intertwing each other, eg
    purple and white are great! Also try double blooms in 2 colours each bloom..spectacular.

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