Water Wise

                                                                 I have issues.  Well all sorts really…but a big one is water waste.  I’ve had this issue for as long as I can remember.  I think I got it from my long since departed grandmother.  Being careful with water just made sense to me. 

Having such a large garden comes with fact that I need to use water probably more than the average.  This of course makes me feel a tad guilty.  With that said…I probably water less than the average person.  Thanks to Mother Nature I have only watered my garden once this year.  In an average summer, I only water once a  week.  People are surprised when I tell them this.  I tend to make my plants beg for water.  I also over the years have planted more drought tolerant plants and shrubs and ripped up the thirsty ones.

I sure wish the gal across the way would stop watering her garden everyday.  The waste makes me cringe.


~ by sandy on June 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “Water Wise”

  1. Wow – Mother Nature is not helping me like that. The summer rains are just starting here in Florida, and they have to catch up. I water, but right now it is just my plants. Mother Nature has claimed my lawn as a sacrafice.

  2. My friends always joked that I used tough love on my plants because I rarely water the garden. I never water the lawn – but I do water the veg!
    Water is such a precious thing.

  3. Except for my vegetable garden (which I’m willing to use water for) I only water my plants when I get them established. I always use plants that are good for our area. This year I almost lost a variegated dogwood because I never water. We had a drought last fall.

  4. I water when needed. I watch neighbor’s water and water their plants and lawn and mine looks just as nice or maybe even a little nicer.

  5. Quel magnifique jardin. Un petit coucou de Belgique

  6. Your gardens are beautiful. So lush and green. I have to water everyday here or it would be a desert. lol

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