I really must get out there and empty the trailer of it’s half yard of fish compost.  I’m feeling a little lazy I’m afraid.  I’ve gone ahead and entered my work garden ( I’m a grounds keeper at a local resort) in a garden contest and have been getting it ready for the judging.  They will come by any time between June 16-27th. 

With that said…I’ve been gardening alot lately.


~ by sandy on June 14, 2008.

7 Responses to “Sedum’Angelina’”

  1. great picture

  2. Sandy

    I am a Canadian gardener and I came across your blog on Stuart Robinson’s blog

    I am not so knowledgeable about blogs although one of my daughters has made one for me. I mostly don’t look at it

    But this blog of yours is one of the nicest that I have seen
    Would you by chance be in Southern B.C. or what area do you garden in

    Just love looking at your work
    thank you


  3. Wow, I really love this shot!

  4. This is beautiful. Is it a tall sedum or a low ground cover?

  5. Being an ardent photographer myself I loved looking at your pics. Great pics.

  6. what a lovely picture. i have become a bit of sedum nut as of late – how can you not love a plant that grows almost all winter long and then is ready for a close-up like this? beautiful!

    enjoy the sun.

  7. Ooh wow. Nice sedum shot. And beautiful layout for showing off your photos. Good luck in the garden contest!

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