Blogging Etiquette….?

I’ve just received an email from Sylvia from England.  She just send me an email about following up comments on my blog.  She suggested that instead of sending off a personal email, readers would prefer to have the comments on the blog.  I used to do that on my old blog and I guess I got away from it.  Mainly because I follow alot of photography blogs and they send the personal emails.  I also thought that many people wouldn’t come back and check the comments. 

Sylvia got me thinking.  I sure hope I haven’t come across as rude and too busy not to comment back.  I will from now on comment back on the blog.  Thanks Sylvia for your advice:)


~ by sandy on July 14, 2008.

14 Responses to “Blogging Etiquette….?”

  1. Ohhh, I’m bad at that, not because I don’t care, I too, just figured no one came back to check…Thanks for the info…

  2. Oh! I didn’t expect this reaction! I just hope others agree with me. I know I keep a list and revisit to see if there is a comment, does anyone else do this? I don’t mind when someone just says – “thanks for all the comments” and I appreciate not everyone has the time. Sometimes the comments a post generate are the most interesting and instructive. For me the “conversations” I have with gardeners around the world are really special.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  3. Interesting…I think it just depends on a blogger’s preference. I never comment back on my own blog but will visit the commenter’s blog instead as I know most bloggers really enjoy getting comments. I read so many different blogs now that I could never have time to check back for responses to my comments. I actually liked the personal email 🙂

  4. Personally I always try to respond to blog comments on the blog itself, but of course don’t always. I don’t feel all comments warrant a reply and sometimes life just gets out of hand, but I never reply via private email, unless it is really private.

    When reading another’s blog I much prefer to see the comments on the blog – both sides. They may seem like little things sometimes, but it allows your readers to get to know you better. Sometimes it can start conversations. You never know. I have to confess though, I often don’t come back to a blog article after I’ve read it, unless I asked a question or find the subject fascinating and really want to read the comments. I’ll often check the box to get future comments via email, but not all blogs have that box. I really read way too many blogs and some days I comment way to much to be able to remember all the places I commented. Too bad there isn’t a simple way to do both.

    Now if I could just get my friends to comment on my blog instead of sending me thought provoking emails. But I’m lucky if any of my friends read my blog since most don’t garden, and the others think a blog about gardening is weird.

  5. difficult one, my habit and the bloggers I grew up with so to speak was always to reply to a comment if it required one, on the orginators blog, not my own. Thus negating the need for them to keep checking my blog to see if I have responded.

    I seldom email though unless invited to do so.

    Its one of those areas were netiquette doesnt seem to exist like it used to in the old days of message boards, etc.

  6. Goodness yes, this is a difficult one. I tend to reply to comments on my own blog if it’s part of the general discussion, but go to the other person’s blog if it’s not specifically about the post. Confusing? Probably! And Sylvia, I really appreciate my conversations with you too.

  7. It does seem confusing. I just don’t want people to think that I am ignoring the comment. Ive been thinking about it today and I think I will answer any questions on the blog itself. I still will send personal emails sometimes though. I like the banter back and forth:).

  8. P.S. Sorry Sylvia…I didn’t mean to put you on the spot but I thought it was a good point and appreciated your advice:).

  9. I reply to the comments on my blog because who knows who’s going to come along later and add to the conversation? If they ask a question, I’ll hop along to their place and answer there too and I’ll often go along and visit anyway. As for personal emails – I’m concerned at how you get hold of the email address? Is it secure? I don’t think I can do this on Blogger unless the Commenter has checked the box that requests further comments to be sent to them by email. So far I’ve not contacted them in this way as I don’t think it’s an invitation to contact them, they’re just asking to be kept informed of the conversation surrounding a Post of mine. What do you think?

    I often check back on blogs I’ve commented on and most of these I read regularly anyway. If I respond on a Blogger blog, I don’t check the reply box, because I don’t want my email inbox filled up with dozens of Comments!

    It just goes to show there’s plenty of different ways of doing things in blogland!

  10. Sandy – this is so interesting – I also have a textile blog – and in “Textile blogland” people respond to comments via personal e-mails (generally). I sent people personal e-mails when I first started The Artist’s Garden … but it was winter!
    Now I do a mix of everything – responding on the blog, e-mails, or visiting commentators blogs and leaving a message. Or not responding at all .. (then I feel bad)
    I quite like receiving e-mails from you 🙂

  11. VP- All comments get send to my hotmail address. In the morning I check my emails for comments from my photography blog and my garden blog. I then send emails back to the commenters. With my photography blogger buddies we have chats back and forth. Most of my commenters don’t seem to mind because they keep commenting. Some of my commenters like Tami have been following my blog for years now. (The Izel Cottage). We have friendly chats back and forth.

  12. I actually like having you email your comments back. I like to comment back on my blog but feel like I’m intruding if I do it on someone else’s blog post. Emailing makes it far more personally and I can comment back again. Also there are so many blogs I read it takes me forever to read them and chose which ones to comment on, I really don’t have time to go back and read if there was a reply. I say do what pleases you. Just because one person does not like it does not mean you do not have to do what you like to do. I love your emails on the comments and wish all the blogs I visited would do the same.

  13. Luckily the I’ve been delighted with the personal email contacts I’ve had thus far. However, I’m relatively new to blogging, so I’m a little concerned as to what might happen if you didn’t welcome the contact. I have seen a couple of really nasty battles going on via comments, which would be deemed harassment if they were via email. They nearly put me off blogging altogether. Happily that situation’s been rare and so far everyone I’ve met or emailed via blogging have been delightful.

  14. Sandy, I enjoy your e-mails 🙂 I don’t often check back on a post to see if the blogger has answered my comment. There’s not enough hours in the day! I usually return the visit if time allows. If someone asks a question and doesn’t have an e-mail linked to their name I go to their blog and answer in a comment. I think it’s a personal preference…not necessarily blog etiquette.

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