Annabelle Hydrangea

                                   Performance wise, this hydrangea has never let me down.  The blooms are hard to beat in a pretty vase too.


~ by sandy on September 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “Annabelle Hydrangea”

  1. Your Anabelle hydrangea has so many beautiful blossoms. The geranium looks good planted in front.
    My Annabelle which was planted last year is still small. It is also in a very shady spot, so it only got 5 blooms this year. I might have to move it to a better spot to get as many blooms as you have.

  2. Our hydrangea’s are on the decline. And the geraniums will be soon. Nice variety shown here. Ken S

  3. Beautiful plant combination you have there, Sandy.

  4. Your Annabelle looks gorgeous against the little building, and the geranium and other plants look great with it. I’d love an Annabelle. Is there anything special you do to get so many blooms? My Oak Hill reblooming hydrangeas hardly bloomed this summer, after such a great show of blooms last year when they were first planted.

  5. The Hydrangea is lovely – and your plant combinations here really work well. Lovely shot.

  6. I have 5 thriving Annabelles along the back fence of my yard. they were planted in rich soil and get about 6 hrs of sun each day. They are now 4 yrs old and produce so many heads that they are weighed down and look droopy. To reverse the droopy look, should I cut enough heads off in order to lighten the amount of weight? or is there another solution. (I have thought of also putting in round metal stands that are used for tomato plants in the dirt as the new Spring buds begin). What do you think?

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