Garden Pinhole

pinhole_garden_large_edit_2 Another pinhole experiment.  I’m having fun with this camera.  I also had a chance to enjoy the nice weather we have been having and got out and did some garden cleanup.  The snowdrops are up but they don’t seem to thrive in my garden.

~ by sandy on February 22, 2009.

6 Responses to “Garden Pinhole”

  1. I like the pinhole experiment.

  2. I so wanna get into pinhole.


  3. Just came across your site. I realized I enjoy the photography as much as the gardening so this visit was a treat. thanks.

  4. Glad you’re enjoying the camera. Interesting photo.
    No chance for gardening here. We had 3 days of snow and cold winds, one day of sunshine (but still cold) yesterday, and woke to more snow flurries this morning. Strong winds are in the forecast again. My snowdrop shoots are buried once again. I can’t imagine anything not thriving in your garden!

  5. Great picture. Your photography is always interesting.

  6. Hello,Love the garden experiment..
    Just wondered if you want to get involved in my global project:Pinhole Litter Project,selected partici[itants will get there work exhibited and published in a book…
    Instructions for Photographers

    1. You go for a walk.
    2. You take a digital photograph of a discarded drinks can in situ.
    3. You pick up the drinks can and make a note of the location where you find it.
    4. You convert the drinks can into a pinhole camera.
    5. You return to the place you found the drinks can.
    6. You place the drinks can on the spot you found it.
    7. To take the photograph, you lift up the black tape. Do not touch the camera for 5 seconds (if sunny) or 1 minute (if overcast).
    8. You close down the black tape.
    9. You develop the image.
    10. You download the participant form from
    11. You post the developed image and completed participant form to Jamie.
    12. You email the digital photograph (step 2.) to Jamie.
    13. Jamie will then display the images on the internet. Selected images will appear in a book.
    14. Jamie will recycle the drinks can.
    Contact: Pinhole Litter Project, 1 Oxford Villas, St. Stephen’s, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 4AP, UK or

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