Purple Helebores in the Wind

great-wall-spring-helebore I took the Myers-Briggs  personality test the other day.  I was just reading up on my type.  I’m a INFJ.  It’s really quite shocking how much it sounds like me.  Very interesting.  You must try it.

~ by sandy on April 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Purple Helebores in the Wind”

  1. The personality tests are quite fascinating, aren’t they? I’m a textbook INFP, which didn’t surprise me one bit, although what did surprise me is that the result hasn’t deviated from the first time I took it, probably 20 years ago now.

    On to the hellebores. They’re fabulous! I’ve gotten one plant to really establish itself, so it’s inspired me to plant another one this year, perhaps a nice dark coloured one like this.

  2. Sandy ..the warm fuzziness of this picture is beautiful girl : )

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