Martha’s Lilacs

When I met my neighbor ten years ago, she had on a hairnet, apron and gloves.  She was busy making candy for a craft sale.  Her name in Anne but I started to call her Martha.  It was a nickname that just stuck.  My son didn’t realize until he got older that Martha wasn’t her real name.


~ by sandy on May 19, 2010.

6 Responses to “Martha’s Lilacs”

  1. Do you know if she has given you a nckname, too?

  2. How come from Anne to Martha?

  3. Well, if these are her lilacs, she’s the neighbour you need.

  4. When I met my neighbor her husband called her *Wally* and I called her Wally for many months. Then one day someone called her Laura. And I thought, my Lord, I have called her by the wrong name all of these months. But as it was, that was her kid’s nickname for her. 😉 So I call her both now. Laura for serious. Wally for a friendly chat.

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