View from back Patio

The garden has been taking care of itself for a bit too long now.  I really must get out and do a major deadhead and tidy.


~ by sandy on September 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “View from back Patio”

  1. Wow, if this is neglected I’d love to see it after deadheading and such! It is gorgeous!

  2. That is a gorgeous back yard. Mine is a mess. I blame all the heat we got in June… July… and August. I think my neighbors hate us.

  3. Oh Canada! You definitely don’t look like you get the heat up there………stunning!

  4. Lovely garden! I’m definitely looking for less maintenance. Now please tell me what are the two reddish shrubs?

  5. Pat-My garden is actually pretty low maintenance. Every year I seem to get rid of more flowers and let the shrubs do their thing. The two red shrubs are japanese maples. The tall one is Acer’Fireglow’ and I ‘m not sure on the weeping ones name.

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