~ by sandy on February 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “Snowman”

  1. Hi Sandy. I saw your query in a Woodbury, Devon listing about “Izel Cottage”. I would like to email you a typed copy of a Woodbury parish magazine from 1977 that was written about Izel Cottage. At the end of the article, it refers to a young Canadian having turned up a few years before the magazine article was printed looking for Izel Cottage, where his great-grandfather, a Thomas, had lived. My great-grandmother was Florence Isabel Thomas; her daughter Beatrice (my grandmother) had a water-colour painting of Izel Cottage (executed by a family member, possibly in about 1850/1860). This picture is still in the family. I wondered whether you were in any way connected to the young Canadian because of your query and because of the name of your site.

  2. Hi Sandy. I’ve got myself gloriously confused – not difficult at my advancing age. It wasn’t a query that I saw that brought me to you. It was a general web trawl to see if I could find out any more about Izel Cottage, and I took pot luck on there being a connection because of the name of your site. The query I saw was from someone in New Zealand, to whom I have emailed a copy of the document I’m offering to send you. Being completely new to sites like this, I have no idea how to email you a document here, so I’m hoping you’ll feel comfortable emailing me with some other way of contacting you. King regards, Marilyn

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