My name is Sandy Saunders and my old blog was called The Izel Cottage.  It was time for a change.  I like the layout better over here.  I use mostly my nikon dslr and lots of other old film cameras including toy cameras  for my photography.

Please do not use any of my photographs without permission.  Gardeners are friendly folk… just ask first.


16 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey, this is nice! So glad to see you. Your photography looks wonderful against the dark background. I am on my way to change to add your new address to my list.

    Sandy in Maine

  2. I love your layout and the pictures are wonderful. Your garden is amazing! How long have to been working on these gardens? What state are you in? I am in Western Mass.

  3. Hi there, found you from ‘Rant’ and love your pictures. Where is your garden located? Yours looks like a ‘favorite’ to me! So little time and so much to read! Thanks for sharing your garden and beautiful photos.

  4. Sandy, thank you for your blog link. You are an amazing photographer – I am in awe. I look forward to seeing your backyard. But until then see you at the rink.

  5. Is it possible to copy your Halloween pic and use it in my home? I won’t use it without your permission, of course.

  6. I just stumbled upon your page while searching for pictures of anemone. Your photography caught my eye and is so incredibly beautiful. Thanks for capturing such profound moments in nature and also for allowing those shots to be viewed – I really enjoyed looking through your pictures and hope you are having a wonderful spring!

  7. Hi Sandy, I came across your site while looking for pictures of hydrangeas because I am using them in my wedding. The hydrangea in frost that you have is so beautiful. Could I have your permission to use it for a wedding save the date postcard that I am sending out?

  8. I have just discovered your blog and I’m always pleased to find another Canadian blogger. You have some lovely photos. I’m into photography as well and love to show my photos on my blog, The Gardener Side

  9. Hello from another Canuck from NS! Your blog is lovely — I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  10. Hey Sandy,
    I tryed you other website and it doesn’t seem to work??

  11. Just wanted to know if you would be open to selling advertising on your blog to related gardening sites. If yes, please get in touch with me as I would be interested in buying an ad. I could not find an email address on your blog which is why I am commenting here. Please feel free to delete this comment. Thank you!

  12. I have a link to your site on http://www.gardenwriters.ca/britishcolumbia.html. Let me know if you have any comments about the link or the site.


  13. Hi, I came upon your site because you mentioned allium schubertii, in dried form. I desperately need your advice, thereare so many people saying they can dry it, but not ‘how’. Mine has flowered & now it has green seed pods that are intact. DO you think I could dry it at this point, and how would I do it?? I want to try & make this part of an arrangement for a friends wedding in August. Thanks & I love all of your photos!!

  14. Hi! I would just like to sign the guest book and to comment on your lovely photos.

  15. Hi Sandy. Would it be possible for you to send me an email regarding the use of your images in our magazine. I’d like to discuss one in particular that might make a nice cover.

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